What happens when a group of design lovers are left alone in an agency office? I have an answer…

A lot of indecent jokes, funny mistakes and a milky-creamy photo session.

Where did it all start? I have to admit, it is pure joy to work next to these people. And as in every family the partners-in-crime group together. So, one day we randomly decided: Hey, let’s make a photoshoot in our office (#noobsatwork). And so it häppened! The overall concept was free (#officefun) + my white-on-white-love got another photoshoot.

Enjoy me and my partners in crime!

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Style/MUA: Kaisa Tooming (Häppening)
Photographer: Santino Calvo
Models: Kaisa Tooming, Anton Hmelnitski, Santino Calvo, Pedobear

Pedobear (lives in every agency’s closet):







NB! Online-magazine Häppening shares photo material for free ONLY if every channel that uses the photos will add the team references visibly and refers to the online article.