For a long time now I have really wanted to play with the concept of combining a shoot+designed graphic elements. And it turned out I was not the only one. My partner-in-crime-agency-buddy Santino had exactly the same idea. 1+1 = ?

It equals one shoot and Photoshop! Our first baby is out, with many to follow in the future! So…

Photoshop and symmetrical games, here we come!

Cool examples and moodboard.

Photographer/designer: Santino Calvo
Style/MUAH: Kaisa Tooming (Häppening)

Circled reality:


Graphic flower:

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.35.20

NB! Online-magazine Häppening shares photo material for free ONLY if every channel that uses the photos will add the team references visibly and refers to the online article.