Lately, we discovered a total newcomer. Italian producer Roberto Latorraca aka late us caught our eyes and ears when we heard about his upcoming performance in Estonia. Strongly influenced by jazz and post-rock, late us mixes mostly gentle downtempo and IDM. His first solo album “Are we there yet” is a set of vibrating and melodic instrumentals. Talking about the future – he has a new EP coming out in September. Also, he is seeking for project-hungry singers to collaborate with.

We asked a few questions about his career, the first solo album and his Estonian gig. Meet and greet: late us!

Please introduce yourself. Who is late us?
late us is a musician, producer from Milan – Italy.

You seem quite new name in the music industry. When did you first realized that you want to be a producer?
I always had a particular care/attention to arranging parts for the instruments that other musicians played. In my head I could imagine a bass line, a drum beat or a brass ensemble and I was sharing my ideas with musician of my previous formations/bands. Eventually my ideas got more complex and clear. Through drum machines, digital instrument and acoustic ones I found the perfect balance to start composing.

What inspires you to create music?
Creating music for me is a necessity. Inspiration comes from anything and anywhere.

Once I got an idea for a drum beat from a noise I heard on a construction site.

Talking about inspiration, your music is mostly influenced by jazz and post rock formation. Tell us, who are your favourite artists or maybe even role models?
That is right. I’m influenced by music genre filled with harmonies and emotions. Jazz was my first love. From the modern era, I consumed records of E.S.T., the Swedish trio. Post-rock came later. From this I learnt deep harmonies and intense dynamics.

I highly admire artists like: Sigur Ros, Bonobo and Jon Hopkins.

Oh, yes! What makes music sound good for you personally? Seems like you enjoy more atmospheric soundscapes?
First, I just trust the emotions that the track sets off in me. Secondly, I focus carefully on all the details such as arrangement, sound research, rhythmic patterns and so on.

Talkig about your own music – in 2017 you released your first album “Are we there yet”. What’s the story behind it & how long it took to be ready?
I was playing in a electric duo by that time and was obsessively composing. Some tracks were not fitting the vibe of the duo. They were more personal.

So I understood that I was ready to take the road of a solo project, which took me about 1 year to be officially released.

What were the hardest lessons you learned through the process?
I learnt that 20% is creativity and 80% is hard work.

And the most up-lifting ones?
Surely the presentation of the music video “Turbulence” in a private club Apophis in Milan.

Why is that? Maybe you can pass on this memory to us.
Sure, the music video premiere we had in April of this year was a great success. The video, directed by Ivan Litvinenko with the protagonist Isil Gun, was received well by the crowd.
Also the location played an important rule. Apophis is an amazing membership club which hosts great artists throughout the year.

How about your own favourites – which tracks are the most important for you from your own creations?
Difficult question…

Every track has a particular meaning to me. If I had to pick one, I would choose “Voyage” because of the strong balance between rhythm and harmonies.

This track would still make a good impression just being played on Piano Solo.

What are your plans for the future?

I have a new EP coming out in September and a soundtrack project for a short movie. I’m also craving for collaborations, Estonia is the land of great singers, I’ve heard.

You are performing in Estonia at restaurant Kobar on 10th of August. What brings you here?
A stroke of luck!

What are your plans for that evening? Are you playing music or make a live performance?
I make about a 70 minute live act with keyboards and guitar, which includes my first album “Are we there yet” and a few other unreleased tracks.

To end on a high note – if you compare your sound with food, what would be the dish? We need a recipe.

1 clove of B flat garlic
1 red allegro onion
2 brass carrots
2 sticks of drum celery
1 flute courgette
1 large D minor potato
1 x 400g tin of cannellini beats
A few notes of Olive oil
½ teaspoon oregano strings
2 x 400g tins of melodic tomatoes
1 litre organic vegetable bass
1 large seasonal synths
100 g piano pasta
½ a bunch of low frequency basil
Parmesan guitar strings

Sounds delicious! A huge thanks to producer late us for answering our little questionary.
Go and see him behind the instruments at restaurant Kobar on 10th of August. More info about the event here: Tasty food, good company and seductive intelligent dance music seems like a perfect way to spend the evening.