“Ankeet” – krutskiga sissevaade muusikute, disainerite, kunstnike ning teiste värvikate kultuuriinimeste mõttemaailma.

Täna tutvume lõunanaabrite läbimurdeartist Chris Noah’iga, kes viljeleb 80ndate mõjutustega indie-poppi. Tema repertuaarist leiab nii lummavaid ballaade kui ka tantsulisi pärle, mille ühisjooneks on lüürika sügavus ja heliline kergus. Suurepärane lisand suvisele playlistile! Mis tema ankeedile vastas? Tutvu!

Name: Krists Indrišonoks alias Chris Noah

Age: 24


Vivid childhood memory: This is a different kind of childhood memory, but I think, this is something to share in this context: When I was six years old, my parents sent me to a music school, which I wasn’t a big fan of. I was playing basketball at the time, and I thought I’d never do music in my life (after I’m done with the school).

I graduated at the age of 12 and still thought I’d never want to do music. My parents pushed me to finish it, because each year I said that I’m done with it and I’ll never need it.

But as it turned out, years later, I ended up playing festivals, solo shows and hearing my songs on the radio. Life is interesting, man.

Characteristic feature I appreciate: I really love when people are being themselves, and not trying to create an unnatural perception of them.

I am good at: Making pasta carbonara.

I am happy when: …my friends are around.

If I had super powers, I could: …turn back time.

If I could change something overnight, it would beI’d eradicate all of the diseases.

If I met an alien, I would sayI would ask, who brought humans on earth, and is there a life after death.

Memorable or important quote: Hmm, I don’t have one, stuck in my head at the moment. I could google some, but I guess it would lose the meaning of me mentioning it here.

The children’s book I wrote would be titledI believe that nowadays, a lot of people are taking every single detail so seriously, that they forget to enjoy some moments of their life. So with that being said: “Don’t take everything seriously”

3 reasons I love my profession:  You get to do what you love; you can meet a lot of cool and interesting people; you can share your emotions and experiences in a way, that no one else can.

3 activities I recommend doing in nature:  To fish, swim, and sit by the bonfire (if circumstances allow).

From Võnge 2019 I anticipate the most: The whole set-up of Võnge seems different than any other festival I have played, which is very cool, so I’m anticipating a great atmosphere and friendly people.

Favourite summer song: Ahh, this one is tricky, I’d probably say something different in a week or so, but lets say “The Kooks – Naive”.

Chris Noah astub üles laupäeval, 15.06 Võnge festivali pealaval.

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