“Ankeet” – krutskiga sissevaade muusikute, disainerite, kunstnike ning teiste värvikate kultuuriinimeste mõttemaailma.

Eugénie on noor ja särav Prantsuse elektro-popi elavduslaine kaasosaline, kes eksperimenteerib julgelt tantsulise elektroonilise muusika ja emakeelse poeetilise lüürikaga. Esinemistel võlub prantslanna publikut pingevaba loomulikkuse ja energilisusega. Enne, kui asud ennastunustavalt kodus või Võnge festivalil tantsima, tutvu Eugénie’i vastustega Ankeedile!

Age: 24

Profession: Singer/songwriter/composer.

Vivid childhood memory: Singing 5 hours straight in my parents’ car when going to vacations. No sleep…

Characteristic feature I appreciate: Vulnerability.

I am good at: Seeing the beauty in people and things.

I am happy when: I surprise (in a positive way of course).

If I had super powers, I could: Slow down time to appreciate life a bit longer.

If I could change something overnight, it would be: So many things and also not so many things… I like to think bad things happen for a reason, so that we can learn big lessons for our future.

If I met an alien, I would say: So what’s the best spot in the universe? Do you know something about life after death? Do you have internet? I have so many questions… also don’t kill us we are still learning.

Memorable or important quote: Something in French which means you better have a well constructed brain than a full one.

The children’s book I wrote would be titled: « Learning math singing » at least that’s the book I wish I had read when I was a child.

3 reasons I love my profession: It is intense but also has its moments of silence, it shapes me as a woman, it makes people feel emotions.

3 activities I recommend doing in nature: Take long deep breaths, slow calm walks and far curious paths.

From Võnge 2019 I anticipate the most: I like to be surprised as much as I like to surprise others…

Favourite summer song: « my strange addiction » from Billie Eilish’s last album.

Eugénie astub üles laupäeval, 15.06 Võnge festivali pealaval.

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